Yours Truly-Wedding Planners

When she started Yours Truly-Wedding Planners in 2008, Neelima had already worked in the Service industry for 15 years. She describes the five years she spent as part of the hospitality and catering industries as the most enjoyable part of her career – that is, until she started Wedding Planners.

Neelima has always found it easy to talk to people and loves working with people. She started Yours Truly-Wedding Planners with a view of combining her people skills with her considerable and varied experience in the hotel and service industries. She especially enjoys planning events because it is challenging and gives full rein to her creativity.

Neelima is a wedding planner with a consummate professional with a flair for design and an eye for detail which makes her best wedding planners in Pune. She loves experimenting with different combinations to create a fusion of modern and traditional that not only works but fascinates and dazzles.Though she aware about latest update trend but she is also budget wedding planners in Pune keeping mind budget of client. Always ‘in the know’ about the latest trends, Neelima’s love for the unique and her penchant for finding innovative solutions to her clients’ requests combine to make every event she organizes an occasion to remember.

The Team

The Yours Truly-Wedding Planners’ team is comprised of creative and dedicated professionals who are here for one and one reason only – because they love it. Our makeup artiste is a doctor by training. Our photographer gave up a career in IT. Our pandit is M.A. (1st Class) and our caterer is high tech and loves gadgets. We are always on the lookout for people who are passionate about what they do. We believe that their love for their chosen profession reflects in the passion and the creativity which they apply to their work.