Destination Weddings Planner

There are several reasons why one would want to have a destination wedding. A lot of people opt for a destination wedding as they have always dreamt of getting married at a picturesque location such as next to a famous landmark, or in certain captivating surroundings such as at the beach or on a ship. On a few occasions, a central location makes sense when your guest list is scattered across the country or the globe.Pleasant weather always adds to the charm of your special day and is another reason why a destination wedding is just for you. If you are looking for exotic locations to tie the knot, we urge our customers to consider destinations that offer visa-on-arrival such as Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. Not only are the mentioned destinations beautiful, the foreign policies encourage tourism. Hence, you can create a convenient fun-loving and an enthralling experience for the family and the guests as well.

It doesn't matter where you choose to get married; on a beach or a palatial private property, we take all the hassles of planning and other minute details off your shoulders. Regardless of your choice, we promise to come up with innovative ideas to make your wedding a unique and wonderful occasion for you and everyone on your side.

Pick your choice of destination from the among wedding destinations:

  • Fort : A fort is arguably the best destination if you have dreamt of a fairytale wedding. Wedding at a fort would create several lovely moments for the bride and groom which they would remember forever. The medieval and rustic features of the outdoor gardens and sophisticated interiors add a royal touch to the wedding.
  • Jungle : From adding a breathtaking backdrop with a waterfall deep in the jungle to a spectacular view of the entire jungle valley, we can make your all your wedding dreams come true. Tying the knot at luxurious resorts surrounding the evergreen natural jungles has gradually become the latest fad for many couples as their destination wedding.
  • Resort : There are several wedding venues that are well-known for arranging wedding ceremonies in a royal style. The resorts are converted into a heritage hotel that serves as a romantic venue for luxury wedding destinations in India.
  • Beach : It is true that marriages are made in heaven and hosting a wedding on a beach is the closest you can get to heaven on earth. The mix of shimmering beaches, palm trees, carefree way of life, peacefulness, and gentle waves of the sea makes the beaches a romantic destination to take vows and celebrate togetherness.
  • Islands : Many couples opt for an island destination wedding as it is suitable for every mood and pocketbook. Your guests are guaranteed to have a great time, and the sandy beaches are bound to add more to its beauty making it one of the best destinations for a wedding.
  • Rail-palace on wheels : The train will be your wedding destination. Catering its best in luxury services to each guest. In this style of destination couple's don't spend money on a five star as they charter the entire luxury premises of the Palace on Wheels.
  • Religious places : If you're hoping to combine a unique destination wedding at the religious places, look no further than a wedding planner. We provide the perfect vision with breathtaking settings of your choice of destination.
  • Historical places :If historical places and a glorious historical setting is your style, we urge you to look no further than the various places with a rich historical background as your wedding destination.
  • Cruise : Weddings on the sea offers a romantic setting for couples to tie the knot. Imagine exchanging vows on board, with endless jaw-dropping views and the soothing ocean breeze at your back.
  • Private beaches : Dreaming of a beach wedding but worried about privacy? Yours Truly-Wedding Planners promises to organize the most beautiful private beach weddings with minimum interference at a destination of your choice. Wedding planners will ensure beautiful private beach weddings with minimum interference for your choice of the destination wedding.
  • Himalayan peaks : Some couple love beaches, oceans, and deserts. However, some couples want mountains as their wedding destination. Mountains invoke a certain magic, connects and dives into depths of you as a person and brings you closer to who you are. If you are someone with an inclination towards mountains, you would love the feeling of getting married in such an ambiance.
  • Theme parks : Calling all playful couples out there! Why not throw your wedding at your favorite amusement park? If you love the magic of the Magic Kingdom or consider yourself a thrill ride aficionado, theme and amusement parks can be wonderful sites to host "the big event."
  • Sand dunes :Couples choosing a royal wedding often search for an impressive destination for their Wedding Day. However, for couples who opt for sand dunes as their destination wedding, the dunes could not only be a great treat but also fun-filled experience. Dinner in Sand Dunes, BBQ night, Folk entertainers, Snake charmers, Camel ride, Kite flying, Camping, Royal procession add beauty to your event.