Special Event Planning

Birthday Party Organisers

Everybody enjoys an elaborate birthday spread – from toddlers to senior citizens and everyone in between. We love organizing themed birthday parties for kids, since they clearly enjoy them to the fullest. Every aspect of the party is planned keeping them in mind. We bring in props, activities, and mascots all related to their theme. A story telling session keeps them engaged and allows for a calm period for the adults in an otherwise hectic party. We organize everything from decoration to catering and even the return gifts, all of it keeping the budget in view.

For adults, the arrangements are different. They may choose colour themes with muted colours or pastels. Or they may choose to surprise someone else with a themed birthday party of their favourite movie, band, or activity. Naughty themed birthday parties make for a good laugh and are great for someone who you know will take it sportingly.

Marriage Proposal Planning

Nervous about popping the question? Want to go off the beaten track and do something special? Want a proposal story that will go down in posterity?

A proposal can be a very important event in a couple’s life, even more important emotionally than the wedding itself. There is the element of surprise on one side, of anticipation on the other, and finally the exhilaration of taking the decision to spend the rest of the life together. Organize something wonderful and completely extraordinary with the help of our creative team. Whether you want to plan a whole day of romantic activities leading up to the proposal or to pop the question in a beautifully decorated venue of your choice, let us help you make the day special and memorable. This is the day you will choose each other for ever.

Surprise Candle Light Dinners

Sometimes you just want to do something special for your loved ones. It could be an occasion such as a promotion or announcing the arrival of a baby. You may just want to throw a small surprise dinner party for a few people or for that special someone.

We are happy to arrive on scene and decorate the home/terrace/hall for a housewarming party, intimate gathering of family members, or for a dinner for two. We decorate, organize the catering and then step out of the scene, leaving you to astound and astonish your guests. A professional clean up can also be arranged for the day after, so that you don’t have to deal with any of the aftermath of the party.

Family get together planners in pune

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