Photography & Videography

Wedding photography has come a long way from the artificial posing and smiling into camera that it is typically associated with. While traditional photography is still an option, more and more people are choosing newer styles of photography and videography that serve to bring out their personality and tell their story in a unique manner.

The photojournalistic style relies heavily on candid photography and is about capturing the event as it unfolds. Artistic shots are captured against scenic and dramatic backgrounds with the use of specific lenses. Special effects are then applied to the images to bring out their beauty. To avoid the stress and hustle of the wedding day, the bridal shoot can be arranged a few days before the wedding. We also arrange pre-wedding destination photo shoots for the couple. We formalize all the travel arrangements, coordinate with the photographer, and also arrange for hair and makeup on the day of the shoot in the city of your choice.

You may even choose to star in your short film. A wedding film is a short film of 10-15 min highlighting the important moments of your wedding. It is shot in a proper cinematic style, with its own trailer/teaser video. A wedding film requires an extremely professional touch and near perfect editing to create the right effect. You have the option of making your wedding film as special as you want. You can even use state-of-the-art technology to make the movie and record interviews of close friends and family members as well as adding exclusive studio recorded musicto your wedding film.

Another unique touch that we often add to the wedding is a special photo booth whereguests can have their pictures taken. The photos are then gift wrapped and given awayas mementos.