Why Choose A Destination Wedding Over Traditional Wedding_
Why Choose A Destination Wedding Over Traditional Wedding?
January 9, 2020
Things No One Will Tell You About Planning A Destination Wedding?
Things No One Will Tell You About Planning A Destination Wedding?
March 18, 2020
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With the arrival of 2020, a new decade has begun, and with this comes new fashion trends to take the industry to a whole new level. Your Instagram feed gets flooded with celebrity weddings and couples taking a risk with their big day and making it to the top wedding trends. If you are looking for the decade’s wedding trends and stay ahead of time, our wedding planners in Pune are here to help you.

By the end of this blog, YoursTruly will uncover the fresh wedding ideas that can be truly yours!

  1. Bold Grooms: Gone were the decades when the undivided attention was given just to the bride, her lehenga, accessories, bridal entry, and her bridal glow. This decade, with Ranveer Singh as the Groom’s fashion icon, will steal the limelight. Grooms will be seen trying different colours, including pink, green, bold prints, and every shade that could get celebrated.

  2. Statement Lehengas: The brides will surely give a tough competition to maintain their charisma. This year, brides might give rest to the traditional red lehenga and will surely step out in bold avatars. Tulle lehengas, statement sleeves, neon colour, and floral embellishments will find their way to new trends.

  3. Travelling overseas: With passing years, couples are getting more and more creative with wedding photoshoot and destination weddings. Our destination wedding planners in Pune believes that almost every young couple will choose to travel far to places on their wishlist to create beautiful memories and a love story worth sharing with the world.

  4. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Couples are in love with the concept of showcasing their love story in front of the world. Choosing exotic destinations for pre-wedding photoshoot will be the new trend in this decade.

  5. Foreign Cuisines: The traditional Butter chicken and Paneer Tikka Masala are set to take a backseat in the new decade. Couples are more into hiring their favourite restaurant/hotel’s chefs to give a fine-dine experience to their guests. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station has gained popularity and is now the top food trends at weddings and events. The foods, cocktails, and ice creams served in liquid nitrogen wow the guests and can become a truly unique culinary experience.

  6. Wedding Decor: Floral Walls, popping backgrounds, and items like kites, marigold, orchids, and roses will remain in the trend but with uniquely themed touch. From traditional to modern wedding decor, florals will never go out of fashion. You can also expect surprise decor elements like pampas grass to create a combination of boho wedding and luxe romantic affair.

  7. Bridal Entry: We have seen more and more brides expressing their wishes to make a breathtaking bridal entry at their wedding venue, which becomes the talk of the town. Where some brides desire to have a royal chariot entry with her dulha by her side, some bold brides will go for a motorbike entry. The shy brides will also not be shy anymore to express her desire for bridal entry. Entry in a floral boat, doli, phoolon ki chadar with her brothers on her sides, and entry under lighted firecrackers, couples will be seen with brainstorming ideas to make their wedding look royal and regal.

YoursTruly has been creating examples of royal and regal weddings for decades. We understand this year’s millennial couple’s expectations and deliver the best wedding arrangements that define the couple’s love story and personal taste.

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