8 Quick Tips for Planning a Spectacular Wedding On A Tight Budget

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October 16, 2019
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8 Quick Tips for Planning a Spectacular Wedding On A Tight Budget

It’s overwhelming, it’s exciting, it’s something you want to be perfect! Your wedding day is your big day, and it’s natural to want it to be sensational memory shared with your entire family and friends. However, the overwhelming expenditure on your wedding may end up causing a hole in your pockets if not controlled consciously.
Hence, to make sure your precious wedding doesn’t end up creating years of debts and loans in your name, here are some quick and smart tips for planning your wedding efficiently and on a tight budget:

Plan A Hard-Budget:
• Create an actual, graphical budget plan for allocating your total expenditure to every task according to its importance in terms of percentage. For example, 15% for the party hall, 30% for food & catering, and so on.
• Do not cross your budget line for any task, and if you have to, redistribute the budget to balance all tasks.
• Limit your guest list with respect to your budget and not vice versa. You don’t have to invite every single person you know on this planet, just the ones who matter are more than enough.

Create a Memo with Records:
• Make it a point to write down the tasks you did and the amount you spent on every single day.
• You can create a checklist to divide the workload throughout the day. Check your daily expenditures to make sure you are on the right track.
• Keep paper trails such as bills and email printouts, which can help cross-verify the amounts later.

Create an Improvised Management Team Out of Family & Friends:
• It’s always smart to ask for help when you need it. And we all have someone in our family and friends who have great contacts or is skilled at specific tasks.
• Now is the time to ask them for their help and create an improvised management team with whom you can share your budget plan and assign individual tasks.
• This way, you won’t be overloaded and will be able to focus on specific tasks at a time.

Fix Comfortable date and time:
• Check the calendar for dates that clash with any other event such as a festival or someone else’s wedding.
• Look for a public holiday or simply consult with your close family and friends to come up with a mutually agreeable date.
• However, it is more profitable to plan for an off season wedding, when the hotels has the best discounted deals to offer.

Choose the Dress Wisely:
• You can find a variety of wedding dresses in a wide price range today and hence it would be smarter to focus a bit more on the price and choose a dress which would look good on you.
• A better option would be to explore rental options for your wedding attire as you can get high-quality dresses and jwelleries at affordable rental costs.
• Also, you can call up your cousins and friends who are experts in shopping and know various shops to go to.

Try something New In Your Cuisine:
• Try and search for unique dishes from multiple cuisines which people wouldn’t usually know of and benefit your budget.
• A combo of various cuisines would be much better for the guests than a typical meal.
• To save up on additional taxes, you can also consider a venue which provides full-day meal packages which includes all four meals.

Get a Decent Wedding Hall:
• Choose the venue based on your crowd size and not vice versa. Remember that the occasion is more important than the venue, so think wisely before inviting people and also try and estimate the turn up based on how many of the guests live closer to the wedding hall.
• A closed venue is always less pricy than pool side or lawn venues.
• Book a hall that is decent enough to spend some time in and has appropriate amenities and facilities like parking, washrooms, changing rooms, etc.

Keep The Decor In Limits:
• Decide on a decor theme which would look appealing and yet wouldn’t be too flashy.
• You can use more of drapes than flowers to make sure the decoration won’t create a lot of waste.
• Decor should be allowed the minimum yet a considerable portion of your budget as this is a secondary element in terms of a tight budget wedding.

Miscellaneous Expenses:
• You can ask one of your photographer budies (which we all have one) to record and capture the event or you can always find good and affordable pgotographers nowadays.
• Avoid printing an entire album. Instead store all the photos and videos digitally and frame only the most important and memorable photographs.

At the end of the day, you will need a lot of research, hard work and resources to complete all these tasks efficiently. Hence, a more reliable way is to hire a professional wedding planning team who can help you achieve your desired wedding goals within the budget. They can also help you in better understanding the pros and cons of all the deals you decide on as a professional wedding planner is more up-to-date with the market prices and qualities.
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