9 Things Related to Wedding Decoration You Should Always Keep in Mind in 2018

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December 15, 2017
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9 Things Related to Wedding Decoration You Should Always Keep in Mind in 2018

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Who doesn’t love a big magical wedding ceremony! The lights hanging like stars in the night sky, the flowers decorating your way to the aisle, decor that matches your personality and, a venue that is no less than an enchanted location for you to take your vows of eternal togetherness and love!

But when preparing for your big day, there is more than just envisioning your favorite set-up. From creating a checklist to making sure you hire the right vendors that deliver your choice of material at the right time is very essential. We bring you a list of essential things to consider when decorating your wedding venue.

1. Set your budget: Before you indulge in choosing your favorite decor themes or venue selection, you need to set a budget limit for the decoration. It will help you in filtering your choices and save you from making haphazard decisions. Not setting a budget will keep your options open that can make it difficult for you to pinpoint one choice. Appointing a budget will set a range from which you can choose the best vendors.

2. Venue selection: A beach, banquet or an open garden venue? While you may choose a venue that brings out your dream wedding, there are a lot of other things to keep in mind. From ensuring that the venue is accessible to all the guests, to arranging parking space, to check if the ground is not uneven, venue selection is a crucial step in wedding preparation as you take into consideration the comfort and convenience of your guests.

3. Theme: Planning a GoT theme wedding or the old classic Disney fairytale ceremony? Now that the most important part is done, you can now do the most favorite part! A theme for your wedding will not only be interesting but also make your celebration more memorable. And give you the chance to finally make your dream wedding come true!!

4. Color-Scheme: Your dream of having the perfect wedding starts at this step, as you choose the ideal color-scheme for the wedding decor. From the classic white and pink to bold colors like blue or red, the color theme will enhance your ceremony to another level. From color-coded drapes to matching linen and flowers, choosing a color theme will keep in sync all the decor.

5. Lighting: When choosing the perfect lighting for your decor, you need to make sure it matches with your color-scheme and theme that you have selected. Ranging from soft colored lights like strobes to bright halogen lights and dreamy chandeliers or twinkle lights, the possibilities are endless to make your wedding a fairytale event. Keep in mind that the lights are neither too bright or too dim for the occasion.

6. Flowers: Flowers are the essentials in every wedding decor and enhance the aesthetic value of the venue. Again, depending on your theme, you can select the type of flowers you need for the decor. Selecting the classic marigold and chameli for the mandap or white lilies and orchids for the mehndi function, flowers are used to adorn the entrance, ceiling, or stage.

7. Centerpieces: From super cute personalized DIY centerpieces to elegant candlebras and pearls, to whimsical birdcages, you can decorate every table at your reception with a style that speaks your personality and the story of your love!

8. Linen: Enchanting your guests with theme based linen will make your wedding memorable for them too! Netted table clothes, rustic table runners, or personalized napkins, choosing your linen has to be the most heart-warming activity in the hustle bustle of wedding preparations.

9. Ceiling details: To complete your fantasy wedding decoration, selecting an outstanding ceiling decor piece is a must. From grand diamond chandeliers to antique lanterns to suspended light strings, ornating the ceiling should compliment your overall theme of the wedding!

Completing every wedding task by yourself can be daunting and chaotic, building too much pressure on your nerves. Therefore, we at Wedding Planners come to your rescue and help you plan, execute and live your dream wedding. Being the best wedding decorators in Pune, we work with you on every step and based on your preference, bring to life your perfect wedding ceremony!

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