It’s Time To Reinvent Your Wedding Plans For 2020 – And Here’s How To Do It

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It’s Time To Reinvent Your Wedding Plans For 2020 – And Here’s How To Do It

It’s Time To Reinvent Your Wedding Plans For 2020 - And Here’s How To Do It

Our priorities have changed, our travel options have changed, even our workplaces have changed, while we ‘unlock’ our lives to reestablish our routines with the coronavirus pandemic still lingering unfettered. Consequently, if you were planning to fall into wedlock, you will also need a new and improved perspective towards planning a safe and memorable wedding. It will be a bit more complicated, but weddings during and a few years after 2020 will need a completely fresh event planning strategy.

To give yourself a head start, from the experts at Yours Truly Wedding Planners, here are some essential planning pointers to consider while arranging your entire wedding schedule:

Distance All Your Functions:

Typically, we preferred to carry out multiple pre-wedding functions such as the cocktail parties, mehendi, sangeet, haldi, and engagement over the same day or two so the guests could enjoy all of them without having to stay over. But keeping the current safety and travel limitations in mind, not all guests would prefer to attend a crowded wedding where they’d have to spend an entire day or two around people.

Hence, a smarter approach to manage the crowd numbers and time spent on each day is to plan different individual functions only for a specified number of guests on different days. Planning every event for a specified time will help you manage a limited crowd over several days without worrying about eliminating a function from the list uninviting some guests.

Distribute All Your Guests:

Once you’ve planned every function for a specific day for a limited number of guests, the only question remains is who to invite for which function. Though this is entirely your personal decision, we can give you a general idea of what could be done.

Invite your neighbors and close friends over for the haldi, mehendi, and sangeet functions, since they don’t require a crowd for execution and are complementary to the main event. Keep your close family and relatives for the wedding as they are a major part of your life. As for the reception and cocktail parties, invite your colleagues and friends over to end your auspicious moments with a good laugh.

Devise Multiple Venus If Possible:

With a set plan for individual functions and a list of guests to invite, its time to look for venues to execute your wedding plan. That’s right, ‘venues’ as in plural, as in ‘different sites’ for distinct functions.

It may sound overwhelming, but it’ll be best to choose different venues for a function based on your estimated crowd size and spatial necessity. You can start with a poolside cocktail party with your friends and colleagues, while a clubhouse or a park can suffice your mehendi function crowd. Since the wedding will be less crowded, you can plan it in any religious praying house with beautiful landscapes and backdrops. For your reception, you can book a decent banquet hall for a sizable crowd and spend a quiet evening with everyone.

This way, your guests won’t have to repeatedly attend multiple functions for several hours and experience boredom instead of excitement. With such a plan in place, you’ll be able to:

● Enjoy every single function of your wedding individually and safely,
● Spend memorable moments will all your guests personally without having to miss out on anyone,
● And enjoy your wedding days thoroughly without being fatigued by long hours and huge crowds.

The new era of wedding planning will give rise to new challenges and adversities, but remember that you can always rely on professional help to rise above them and plan an outstanding wedding. We, at Yours Truly, are one such professional wedding event company in Pune who are all set to tackle these challenges with newly developed strategies and ideas. To get personalized planning tips for your wedding, visit the Yours Truly website to reach out to our expert wedding planners in Pune.

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