The List Of Licenses You Require Before Your Wedding Or Sangeet

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The List Of Licenses You Require Before Your Wedding Or Sangeet

wedding Planners in Pune

The playlist for your sangeet function is ready, the DJ has been booked and the venue has been decided! But have you taken care of all the legalities that come with planning an event like your wedding? If not, we at Wedding Planners Pune, are here to help you understand better the various licenses and permissions you need to get to host a wedding/sangeet function.

Various functions have different and specific licensing requirements and our team at Wedding Planners will help you obtain all permissions and licenses required for wedding and sangeet event. Our wedding consultants will not only assist you in understanding the exact requirements based on the function but also obtain the permissions and licenses, ensuring the wedding planning is a hassle-free event for you. Being one of the best wedding event management companies in Pune, we are aware of all the right procedures and the essential documents required for obtaining the correct licenses.

Below is the list of licenses you will require function wise:

1. Licenses common for any event:

  • Rangbhoomi License (Only for Maharashtra)
  • No objection Certificate from the Additional Collectors office
  • No Objection Certificate from the Local Police Station
  • No Objection Certificate from the Traffic Police Department
  • No Objection Certificate from the Fire Brigade
  • Police Commissioners Note

2. Licenses for DJ event:

  • Phonographic Performance Ltd: A PPL license can be customized for each licensee. It allows one to play sound recordings in public according to your circumstance.

3. Licenses for live performances:

  • IPRS – It stands for Indian Performing Rights Society Ltd. It is issued for any Live Entertainment you plan to have at your event.

4. Other licenses:

  • Loud Speaker License: Such a permit is required to be taken for private/ public functions held in private/public places. It can be obtained from your local police station.
  • Liquor License
  • Public Works Department License: You need to get this when you have a generator at your wedding function.
  • Foreign Artist Permission: Whenever you have people from another nationality performing at your event, you require to submit their documents i.e passport and visa copy to the authorities.

5. Documents required for obtaining licenses:

  • Floor Plan from the venue
  • No Objection Certificate from the Venue
  • Letter of Application to different licensing departments on your wedding planner’s company’s letterhead along with an affidavit on a stamp paper.
  • Visa and contract copy between the artists and employee company if you have any foreign artists performing. It would be preferable in this case to get artists on a business visa and not an employment visa.

Being a decade old wedding event company in Pune, we at Wedding Planner has a team of professionals who work tirelessly on both the creative aspects and not so creative features of your wedding like taking care of all the legalities and permissions in the minimum time possible. Our driving force is to provide exceptional service and utmost satisfaction to all our clients. Contact us today if you are still confused about the various licenses/permissions and our team will help you obtain them in a hassle-free manner.

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