It’s Time To Reinvent Your Wedding Plans For 2020 - And Here’s How To Do It
It’s Time To Reinvent Your Wedding Plans For 2020 – And Here’s How To Do It
July 16, 2020
Post-Pandemic Wedding – A New Age of Weddings!
Post-Pandemic Wedding – A New Age of Weddings!
December 15, 2020
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The Socially Distanced Wedding Guide

The Socially Distanced Wedding Guide

Weddings and nuptial ceremonies will not be an extravagant affair any time soon. The social distancing norms need to be followed by people gathering in the crowd. With so many rules and regulations in the country and abroad; couples and families think whether it’s the right time to plan their much-awaited wedding.
Are you thinking about how to create your wedding guest list? Whom to invite and who can join the ceremony online? Where to choose the venue? How to arrange things as per the Government’s orders? Don’t worry. YoursTruly has got it all sorted.

How to arrange things under social distancing norms?

Firstly, talk to your venue manager and wedding planner. Each venue may have created a different rulebook for event planning at their property. Ask them their guest capacity allowance and whether they can make arrangements under social distancing norms. Make sure the seating arrangement is made with not more than four guests on a table. This may add some additional furniture cost to your wedding budget, better to be safe than sorry.

Check with your wedding planner whether the food catering service is arranged under a buffet menu or silver-service (pre-planned menu plate).

Note: While choosing your wedding venue, make sure you keep in mind the travel time from the airport/train station to the venue. You don’t want your guests to arrive feeling exhausted with the travel breaks and look tired at the wedding.

How to create a safe venue for the guests?

The guest’s safety is pivotal in weddings and events. If that wouldn’t have been the utmost priority, the Government won’t have introduced an intimate wedding concept. Make sure you book the entire venue for the wedding event to ensure the guests remain in safe hands, and no outsiders shall cause a nuisance on your big day. Ask the vendors to place extra tables and chairs for fewer guests. In case the guests had to stay at the venue overnight, will it be safe to use the washrooms? Also, inform the guests regarding the venue’s rules and restrictions from check-in to departure.

Room Booking – Each room should not be accommodated by more than two guests.

Avoid taking group photos as it violates the social distancing norms and is also unsafe for the guests.
This pandemic is your chance to have an open-air wedding and ditch the traditional banquet halls. The open space increases the decoration dimension and offers more room for everyone to enjoy the wedding by maintaining a safe distance with one another.

Who to invite to the wedding?

This question is one such guilt-ridden decision that couples tend to avoid as much as possible. Nevertheless, you need to be strong and choose between friends, families, and guests whom you never met or will ever meet post-wedding. This checklist might help:
• Immediate Families: Parents, brothers, and sisters
• Extended Families: Uncles, aunts, cousins, and maternal-paternal relatives
• Dearest Friends: The besties who will be your right hand (the bridesmaids and groom’s men)
• Colleagues: Your boss, colleagues, and team; people who may or may not mind being not invited to the wedding.

How to uninvite the guests at the wedding?

There are always a few people you wish not to invite at your wedding but end up feeling trapped for the sac of courtesy. So, now is your golden chance to uninvite those guests in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s risk factors. No! Don’t be that harsh on people. Instead, you can live stream via Zoom call, Facebook lives, and Instagram live. They may not be present physically, but their virtual presence will be worth-remembering and extravagant in its unique style. Also, as much as you want it, let the senior citizens witness your wedding via virtual setup, as their chances of catching the virus are maximum. So, why take the risk?

As expert wedding planners in Pune, we understand what you may have gone through to reach this point. Therefore, we have become one of the most reliable budget wedding planners in Pune. To connect with us, you can call us today.

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