5 Excellent Wedding Entertainment Idea’s You Could Adopt Your for Special Day

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5 Excellent Wedding Entertainment Idea’s You Could Adopt Your for Special Day

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Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your lives. Many of you start planning for the biggest day of your life at a very early stage to make sure that your special day is indeed special. Ideas start flowing in for the various events, ceremonies, and other important rituals. Right from the food, the decor, the music and the theme of the wedding, you are eager to find a perfect setting for your wedding.

However, as much as the wedding is about you, you need to ensure your guests are having a gala time as well. At your wedding, you can expect young children, young adults, married couples, and aged individuals and couples. The key is to make sure each one of them is comfortable and is enjoying their time at the wedding. Hence, wedding entertainment has gradually gained a lot of importance in recent years. There are many ways you can engage your guests in fun activities and keep them entertained while you are enjoying the spotlight on one of the most important days of your life.We wedding planners in Pune always give the fun idea to our client.

Here are some fun and entertaining ideas that will make sure your guests wished the party was never over.

1. Photobooths
Photobooths are an excellent way to keep your guests entertained at your wedding, reception or any other function. A few funky props that are free to use would add another dimension to the photos. It is a wonderful way to engage the guests. Moreover, in the era of social media, a photo booth that clicks pictures with a hashtag of your choice, is a good way to make your presence felt on the social media networks as well.

2. Pinatas
Pinatas are hanging toys that are filled with goodies and gifts. It is common to see a Pinata at birthday parties. However, the trend to setup Pinatas at wedding functions such as the reception has just started to set in. Pinatas can be filled with anything you like including, chocolates, alcohol-infused chocolates, badges, fortune cookies, mini liquor bottles etc. The shape and the design of your Pinata could be anything, right from a cartoon character, a flower, a star, the different planets in the universe etc.

3. Caricature
We have already discussed the idea of photo booths as one of the most entertaining ways to keep your guests busy. However, investing in a photobooth may or may not fit your budget. A cost-effective alternative that comes close to a photobooth is hiring a caricature artist. A caricature gives the guests something to take home as a souvenir and refreshes memories of your wedding even years after you are married.

4. Kid’s corner
Do not ignore the fact that your wedding and reception will have the presence with a significant amount of kids. Kids are often ignored and get bored at the wedding as there are not many interesting things to do. Hence, they are restless and create a mayhem for the other guests. A kid’s corner with several toys, balloons, lego etc will make your wedding function a memorable experience for them as well.

5. Live band
A decade ago, having a live DJ at your wedding was the fad. However, in the current scenario, DJ’s are common and play a very repetitive playlist. Hiring a live band would add another form of entertainment to your wedding function or the reception.

Entertainment for guests at wedding functions has started to become important. Wedding entertainment activities is an excellent way to break the ice with guests and a creative and a fun way to engage them.

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