We help you pick the right wedding venue or marriage hall in Pune and around, one that is a perfect fit for the size of your gathering and your requirements for the wedding. For instance, you may need extra space if you intend to have a dance floor, a special lounging area for your VIP guests, or big pieces of decoration such as fountains. We specialize in destination weddings and you can find out more about that here. However, regardless of whether the wedding is at a destination or on your doorstep, whether it is indoors or outdoors, we help you get the best deal on the perfect venue from a range of choices.

We are also experts at managing wedding events that take place at multiple venues. For instance, certain clients prefer that pre-wedding events take place at their home (when space is not a constraint), the actual wedding may take place at a place of worship such as a church, mosque, etc. while the wedding reception is held at a resort or a hotel. We are experts at managing such multi-location events as well as taking care of all the additional details attached to them such as, transportation for everyone to and from each of the locations.

You may choose to have your dream wedding at a romantic resort, a hill station, in palatial surroundings, in a church, on the beach, or in a small and intimate setting that is of personal significance to you. We have professional connections with numerous marriage halls, resorts, hotels, and privately owned properties that make it possible for us to conveniently arrange the wedding of your dream for a guest list of virtually any size. We then use our creativity to make sure that the venue is organized efficiently and its full potential is utilized in order to meet all the requirements of your dream wedding.