Weddings on a Budget: Ideas And Tips

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Weddings on a Budget: Ideas And Tips

Budget Wedding planner in Pune

While wedding planning can be an exciting pursuit for you and your partner, this is also a time where you can get carried away with the preparations. From the decor, attires to menus and venues, while you want to have everything perfect, it can cost you a fortune if not planned well or with a set budget in mind. To avoid over and unnecessary expenditures, follow the following steps that will help you plan your wedding within a budget. Wedding Planners in Pune has experience working with diverse clients on their specific budgets, helping them create the most memorable and beautiful day of their life.

1. Wedding Venues: The biggest save you can do on your wedding planning is choosing the right venue at the right price. Hotels within the city usually charge as per plate also provide chairs, table for free. It will save your ton of cost as compared to the wedding in the open lawn which charges you for literally everything.

2. Food/Drink Menu: Having an elaborate menu with dozens of choices can jeopardize the quality of food. Instead, you can choose a limited menu with good quality raw materials. The guests might forget the venue decor, what you were wearing but the taste of finger-licking food will linger on their taste buds for long. To keep your costs down, opt for an Indian menu rather than expensive international dishes that can increase the cost per plate.

3. Wedding Photographer: If you don’t want to splurge on renowned professional wedding photographers, you can always choose a freelancer or a budding photographer to capture your precious moments. Ask your friend/cousin who is a photography enthusiast to be your wedding photographer. Hiring them will cut down your costs a great deal and also bring their creativity to the table.

4. Wedding Decor: Following the trend of extravagant decor can be a little too heavy on your pocket. Instead of exhausting your savings on expensive decor, go for simple and elegant decor options with traditional/seasonal flowers and artificial decor pieces. You can also opt for various DIY decor options to bring down your spending.

5. Wedding Attire/Jewelry: While it is the most important day in your life and you would want to look the best bride/groom in the world, you would wear the heavy bridal attire/jewelry only once. Instead of investing in a heavy dress, you can either rent them or get it stitched, saving money on the expensive boutique rates. Similarly, you can rent your bridal jewelry or go for artificial/gold plated jewelry rather than buy real gold/stone jewelry.

6. Guest List: Indian weddings are by default a big fat social event and you cannot leave out your long list of relatives and friends, but you can divide people according to various occasions. Intimate ceremonies like Mehendi/haldi should be a close family/friends affair and you can limit your guests to the same while you can keep the distant cousins and friends for bigger events like reception.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and managing all the vendors/preparations alone can be chaotic at times, making you miss out on the festivities of the most important day in your life. Hiring a professional wedding planner can help you follow the budget you have decided. Wedding Planners in Pune has a team of experts to create your wedding a hassle-free and an organized experience.

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