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One of the best ways to break the ice or engage old friends with latest tricks or for that matter even bringing old friends on a common platform is by organizing party games. Marriages and other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries happen to be the best time when old friends meet after a long time and have a great time. When these occasions get coupled with party games, the joy gets doubled.   But how to organize engaging party games is often the question raised by many?

At Birthday party organizers in Pune, we undertake the entire event management for all functions from Birthday parties to Marriage Anniversaries to office parties. Right from lighting arrangements to food to inviting the guests, the responsibility of conducting the function in a grand and satisfactory manner is ours and the fun is entirely yours. Leave the headache of arranging the party for us and have fun with your loved ones. After all, parties do not take place daily.

Listed below are few simple yet engaging games conducted in Indian Marriages since ages. They hold relevance even today not only for marriages but even for all other occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc. to keep the party mood alive

Rolling the coconut (A popular Nalangu Game):

This game has been in practice in the South Indian Marriages (Mostly in Tamil Brahmin Marriages) for ages. This game is held usually in the late afternoon on the day of the Marriage ceremony prior to the conduct of reception.

The ceremony/game of the rolling the coconut is also popularly known as “Nalangu “in Tamil. The bride and bridegroom are made to sit opposite each other at a distance of about 10 feet. Now the coconuts to which turmeric is applied are brought in. One coconut each is handed over to the bride and the groom and they are asked by elders to roll the same towards each other so that the coconuts collide. If the coconuts collide and break, it is a belief that the marriage would be successful. The couple gets 3 chances to roll the coconuts. In the olden times, these games were held during marriages (a period when child marriages were popular) to reduce the awkwardness between the couple, to hone their communication skill and to enable them to understand each other better. The continuous batter of guests along with their expert commentary makes the entire game interesting along with helping the couple to break the ice.

After the rolling of coconuts, other games are also held during the Nalangu function such as breaking of Papads, combing the hair of the bride by the groom and applying powder and keeping flowers on the bride’s hair by the groom amidst banter of the relatives.

Find the Ring:  

Rose petals are added to a bowl of milk and the wedding Rings of the couple are immersed in it along with few other objects. The couple is then asked by elders to find the ring using only hand of theirs. It is a belief that whoever locates the ring first is likely to have an upper hand in the marriage.


Find the Groom’s Missing Shoes/Joota Chupai:

A highly popular game in a North Indian Wedding. This game is eagerly awaited by the Bride’s side especially by the bride’s sisters. This game involves hiding the groom’s shoes without providing him with the slightest hint. Usually, the shoes are taken away when the couple removes the shoes for the “Pheras”. The bride’s sister and other cousins return the shoes only on one condition i.e. either for cash or in the form of gifts and that too after a lot of negotiation.

Untying of knots:

Another popular game held during the Marriages in Indian weddings. This game usually involves tying a red thread on the wrists of the bride and the groom and untying the same. The bride unties the knot on the groom hands and vice versa. Though it sounds very simple, in reality, it is not so as they can use only hand to undo the knot. The saying goes whoever unties the knot first is likely to have more say in the marriage by remaining responsible, dominant and fulfilling all duties.

Find my Name:

A very popular game in a traditional Indian wedding, the bride inscribes the name of the groom on the Mehendi of her hands. The groom has to find his name and in case he fails to do so, he is not allowed to take his bride home.

Other than the games mentioned above, there is also the game of Rasogulla competition in Bengali Weddings between the two families of the bride and the groom to eat the maximum Rasogullas and the one who eats the maximum is the winner with major bragging rights. There is also the game of identifying your bride wherein 12 holes are made in a saree in a horizontal line big enough to put the two hands through the holes. Six ladies are made to stand on the other side and asked to put their hands in the holes and the job of the groom is to find the hands of his bride. In case he is successful in guessing the hands of his bride, he is given a gift and if he fails he has to perform certain tasks as demanded by the bride’s side to win his lady love.

Indian Marriages by itself are very grand affairs and when infused with such games, they become all the more fun not only for the bride and the groom but even for the guests who attend the wedding.

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