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Wedding Planners in Pune

The venue contract/place chosen by you would decide the type of decor or alterations you can get done to space as there would be certain restrictions. Say for instance, if you plan to have your wedding held in one of the palaces of Jaipur or Jodhpur or some other similar architectural or monumental place in Rajasthan or elsewhere, the chances are that the hotel/palace authorities might not allow the same as it would mean altering or damaging the walls. (Usage of nails or some other material to hang dupattas, flowers or signage)

There are also some really good budget wedding planners in Pune, who do an excellent job of event planning the entire wedding including wedding decorations, inviting guests, deciding the menu etc for you as per your taste and style and that too at a reasonably low cost. You can even outsource your entire wedding needs to such Wedding decorators in Pune.

There are chances that some of you might expect the wedding decorations to be simple and may not like the idea of too much decor or you may even want to personalize the entire wedding celebrations. In such a situation, you can adopt the following wedding decorations tips as suggested by wedding Planners in Pune that is not only low in cost but would also be liked and welcomed by everyone.

  • Undertake Thorough Research:

It is quite natural that you may get tempted and buy whatever things you set your eyes on but restrain from doing so and do your research thoroughly by taking into consideration the look and feel you hope to achieve.

  • Keep the budget in Mind:

First and foremost, set a styling budget for yourself and try to stick to the same. Usually, big day props get used only on the day of the wedding and there is no use for the same afterwards. Try to hire items such as vases, lanterns, tableware and all other paraphernalia to reduce cost.

  • Work out the colour scheme:

Firstly work out a colour scheme and try to incorporate it in your style. This would aid in creating a seamless look as well as finish. Right from table linen to flowers, try using the same colour scheme. To enhance the look of the scheme, you can even try introducing an accent colour.

  • Try to Make optimum use of existing features in your venue:

Consider ways and means to make the maximum use of existing features available in your venue. This could be in the form of fireplaces or even floor to ceiling windows that could be decorated.

  • Flower beautification:

You need not limit the use of dramatic flowers to large floral centrepieces. On the contrary, you can use flowers to decorate archways, chandeliers or even have a large floral stand out to beautify and transform the space.

  • Make use of sufficient lightings:

Lights, when placed strategically to highlight a feature or a floral display, can entirely transform the look of a venue. Choose different lights for different rooms to differentiate and distinguish the spaces.

  • Wall decoration:

The general belief is that vertical structures are least interesting but if made proper use of they can transform the look of a space. You can decorate a blank wall by propping it up with mirrors or photos.

  • Ceiling Decoration:

You have plenty of scopes to decorate the ceilings right from hanging vases to making use of paper Poms- Poms including bunting and lights.


Stick to maintaining simplicity whatever may be the type of decor or venue styling you may adopt a few key elements are better appreciated than excess and gaudy decor. Try to choose and stick to few very components that would reflect your taste and style for your wedding.

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