They say pairs are made in heaven, then why not choose a paradise-like destination to make this special day a mesmerizing one? When it comes to the destination wedding, we tend to follow the stereotypes and find a place that is either beaches or mountains. But what we forget is we can go for more luxurious options too like the ‘Gulf’. All you have to do is choose a destination wedding planner who understands your vision.
Yours Truly – wedding planners in Pune, with its humongous experience excel in arranging not only pleasant but the perfect destination weddings even at the gulf locations. So if you think this is a great idea for a destination wedding, hold your breath, we are going to spill here some of the amazing tips that you need to know while planning a wedding in gulf. Let’s get started,
1. Choose a co-ordinator
Well, it’s an obvious tip but an important one too. You need a well-informed partner or co-ordinator to plan a wedding at gulf areas. Here, we, being the most trusted wedding event management company in Pune, can help you arrange and manage everything smoothly.
2. Pre-research about the venue
Since gulf countries follow Muslim religion the laws are strict and there are few hotels that would allow the alcohol. So your research needs to be really strong to know about the do’s and don’ts. But when you choose Yours truly – Wedding event management company in Pune, there is nothing to worry about, we pretty much take care of everything.
3. Keep your guest list small and intimate
While you are already setting a benchmark for your status by choosing Gulf as your wedding venue, it is still important to keep your guest list limited. Why? Because it’s your special day and you need to have only your loved ones around. Besides, it’s good to save some money.

We hope these tips gave you an idea of how amazing a gulf destination wedding can be, if you are planning one, let us know and we will make every effort to make this new beginning of your live – a series of amazing events. To know how we will do this, contact us, for we are the best destination wedding planners in Pune.

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