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Weddings are all about the best ideas dripping from the best cousins and aunties from the bride’s side and the brother’s gang from the groom side. One thing that remains common is the countless ceremonies and rituals – Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and finally the auspicious wedding day. Every ceremony has its own traditional values in an Indian wedding. Likewise, the Mehendi ceremony is not just a random means of decorating the bride.
Did you know? The Mehendi is an antiseptic herb, applied over the hands and legs of the bride (and groom) to keep her healthy throughout the ceremony. This becomes obvious to consider the Mehendi long-last on the bride’s hands and legs in order to protect her from bad omens or a stress headache.
Weddings Planner – The most well-renowned wedding events company in Pune today unveils the easy hacks to make your Mehendi darker and long-lasting
1) Lemon Juice to your Rescue!
It becomes quite a task to scrape off the dried Mehendi from hands and feet. Apply some lemon and sugar mixture on the Mehendi after 1-2 hours of finishing. The acidity of lemon helps Mehendi penetrate inside the skin thus making it look darker and mesmerizing.
2) Essential Oil for Rich Color
Don’t mistake peeling your henna by rubbing both the hands. This might end up roughening your palms or even scratching the designs. Prior to removing the dried henna, apply mustard oil or any essential oil for that matter. This smooths your skin and you can easily unveil the rich color of your bridal Mehendi. It also helps the Mehendi stay on the skin surface for a longer period of time.
3) Avoid Manicure and Pedicure after Mehendi Ceremony
The henna flourishes its color after 24-48 hours. In the meantime, avoid waxing, manicure, or pedicure as it would peel off the Mehendi from the skin and you might end up disturbing your favorite design. Get your parlor requirements done prior to Mehendi ceremony. The more relaxing time you buy for your henna the more it would stay on your skin.
4) For Best Results Consult the Professional Mehendi Designer
Putting Mehendi over your palms and feet is a skill that not every woman is gifted with. Aim for the professional Mehendi designers and respect their job while they put on beautiful designs that make you a complete bride. To avoid things getting messy, choose your dress code according to the ceremony. You, of course, don’t plan on ruining your new dress with stubborn Mehendi colors. Don’t hassle on completing the designs sooner. For best results, start the Mehendi ceremony after lunch or post-dinner where people get sufficient room for enjoyment and fun.
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