How to have CKP weddings like Amit and Mitali Thackeray
How to have CKP weddings like Amit and Mitali Thackeray
February 11, 2019
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7 Awesome Ideas for Bride & Groom Entry Together at Wedding!
March 22, 2019
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4 Reasons Why Choose Goa for Your Destination Wedding

4 Reasons Why Choose Goa for Your Destination Wedding

Being a global tourist destination, Goa is one of the most favorite places for couples to get hitched. The sun-kissed beaches, verdant landscapes, and turquoise-hued waters work perfectly to create a picturesque view the newlyweds can cherish for a lifetime. Are you planning to get married in Goa? Our destination wedding planners in Pune can help. We understand that many people think of hiring a wedding planner is an add-on to their expenses and that wedding planner are only for the rich and celebrities, but we assure you that is not the case.
Having the best wedding planners in Pune who can handle the wedding arrangements on a foreign land will help you lower the rates of vendors, logistics, and decorators. There are many other such reasons why you must choose Goa as your destination wedding venue.

1) Venues of all kind

Considering the fact that you chose Goa as your destination wedding venue, your choices might be one of the following – an open lawn facing towards the sea, poolside banquet halls, air-conditioned rooms, beach-side destinations, and open space locations. All these can be found in the South Goa. Some of the famous beach resorts are Taj, Leela, Hyatt, and Radisson. Above all, many of the beach locations you choose offer the best seafood in India. Furthermore, you can also rent some of the exotic villas at amazing prices.

2) One of a Unique Experience

The wedding is an event that reunites your family and friends after a long time. The mouthwatering locale delicacies will surprise them and make your wedding affair a beautiful memory for lifetime. For the friends who love to party hard, Goa is your safe haven to enjoy the party to the fullest. The land of the sun, sea, and the sand together make Goa the best unique experience both young and adult can have.

3) It will cut down the cost

Yes. You heard it right. The picturesque view with lilting waters and waving palm fronds, you save a lot of money on decoration. Very minimal decoration with drapes and flowers will simply lit the whole wedding atmosphere. As far as the catering service and logistic vendors are concerned, hiring a wedding planner like ours will help you fetch the best deals under minimal rate. We, with the help of our strong network and professional staff officials, make sure each of our valued customers save more on the wedding without compromising their dream day.

4) An Amazing Honeymoon Destination

After you wrap up all the wedding celebrations and rituals, you will be eager to get some alone time with your partner. What could be more satisfying and thrilling than having your honeymoon destination in Goa? With so many adventurous options such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking on private beaches, both you and your partner get to spend some alone time without any interference.

We, at Wedding Planners, understand the daunting responsibilities of marriage and the task of handling hundreds of guests at one time. Therefore, we along with our expert officials help to prepare the arrangements in a foreign land. If Goa is your chosen destination for a wedding then we are here to help you figure out the arrangements. Connect with us today,.

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