5 Things you must inspect before appointing a Make-up artist for your Dream Wedding

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The venue has got decided. Relatives have been invited. The in-laws and family are stressing out over the pieces of jewelry and sarees. Then, there is the bride who has one big responsibility to handle – Look gorgeous on her D-day! Well, that can be a cakewalk or a roller coaster ride, solely depends on the make-up artist you choose.

The more professional and accomplished make-up artist you choose the easier way you can shrug off all the stress and chaos caused at the wedding. Many wedding event management companies in Pune offer their own make-up artist and stylist. But, the drill doesn’t end here. The to-be-bride needs to pay attention to details. After all, it is all about her today.

Weddings Planner has brought you 5 most important questions you need to ask your make-up artist for the dream wedding you dreamed of since you were a little girl.

1)  Do your Homework on the artist

“All that glitters is not gold”. You need to find out whether the artist you chose is just into his/her job or are they sales person stuck over one brand products. The make-up artist must be open to suggestions and cosmetic products. Not all skin tones respond the same to the beauty products. Make sure your artist is skilled and professional enough while applying the products and eventually, bring out the best in you.

2) Ask for a trial make-up

Some well-renowned wedding events company in Pune offers a trial makeup for the bride. This sets a clear pitch on do’s and don’ts at her final wedding make-up. Also, a trial gives a generic idea to both the bride and her artist, as to what style would define perfection to her.

3) Don’t Settle for Less in Terms of Professionalism

We have a tendency to be manipulated by our “Parlor Aunty” – The woman we counted on in every occasion and festivals. But, your wedding demands a professional touch that no “Parlor Aunty” can accomplish. Search for a professional and well-renowned make-up parlor and salon that don’t end up your face appear cakey. No offense, the price would be slightly higher but on a positive note, you receive that expert-oriented beautician your skin demands at the wedding and the after ceremonies.

4) The make-up artist shouldn’t be hassling to run into next appointment

It is probably possible your make-up artist has arrived straight after finishing another bride’s make-up. Avoid such artists as they keep hassling around. A bride at her wedding has a lot going on her mind. “Hassle” is the last thing she wants at her wedding. Also, there is a possibility the make-up artist uses the same brush, makeup, products, and gloss she used in the wedding that she came from. The allergic products and unhealthy brushes are a big NO on your wedding. Aim for the artists with one-day-one-make-up assignment policy.

5) Where are you getting dressed?

Traveling on the day of your wedding gets hectic and risky to be precise. Not to forget mentioning the problems associated with heavy traffic, heavy rain, or a blocked road. Ask your make-up artist to be on time or if it is you, who need to visit the salon and get dressed, reach 1-2 hours prior to the salon.

Wedding photos are meant to be preserved life-long. It gets displayed over a generation to generation. So, you certainly don’t plan on a bad makeup. Pay attention to these questions while choosing your make-up artist and get that picture-perfect-click on your perfect big Indian fat wedding!

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