5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding After The Coronavirus Lockdown

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5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding After The Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding After The Coronavirus Lockdown

As I write this article, the coronavirus lockdown in India has been extended to 3rd May, 2020, which can possibly be pushed even further depending on the circumstances. And if your big wedding day was planned during this month, you and your family must already be going through a great turmoil of emotions and planning next steps. Knowing what you must be going through, all I can tell you is that, just like every bad phase, this too shall pass and you’ll be able to take your wedding vows in a safe and healthy country.

Meanwhile, you must keep a positive mindset and plan the future of your wedding with proper analysis of the situation, and here are some essential tips which help you in this process:

Postpone – As Long As Possible:

Even if the lockdown is supposedly extended till 3rd May, the chances of it continuing even further still exist. Also, we cannot expect the hospitality and other industries to go back to normal immediately after it is declared safe to start work and travel. And taking the social distancing guidelines into account, people will still hesitate to visit any social event for some time.

Hence, if you want to plan your wedding in 2020, we suggest you plan it in the winter for now. However, the safest option would be to move it up in 2021 if you want at least a somewhat normal wedding.

Avoid Destinations or Traveling:

With the travel ban in place, destination weddings are out of the question, for a significant amount of time even after the lockdown. As all the countries around the world, including India, don’t plan to start hassle-free travelling any sooner, having distant guests over or travelling to some other state or country doesn’t seem like a working plan.

If you’re willing to move your wedding close to the end of this year, try to find a wedding venue which will be easily accessible to most of your guests and where all your vendors and planners can agree to work at.

Manage your Priorities:

At the time of this crisis, it is prudent to hold tight to your budget and prioritise where to spend the most of it.

Booking a hotel and venue hall for the postponed date is where you can start. And as you cannot finalise the booking for sure, you’ll have to be prepared to bear some probable losses for cancellations and rebookings in the coming months.

Also, your vendors might have a change of plans by then, so be prepared to face some planning hurdles like finding new vendors or paying an extra cost for incidental inconveniences.

Plan For Safety Measures:

If the wedding is to be held after the lockdown, your guests would be relieved to know that you’re planning to continue to maintain proper safety measures at your wedding, and they won’t have to second-guess their decision to attend it fearing the recently passed pandemic.

Plan to have plentiful sanitizers and hand washes around the venue and distribute face masks at the entrance if someone isn’t wearing one. Arrange the seatings for the event and buffet at safe distances, and if possible, hire a medic team along with an ambulance just to be prepared for any emergencies.

Check online reviews and comments for the venue’s overall hygiene and hospitality. Ensure that it is as hygienic for all the helping staff as it is for the guests. It is vital that the kitchen has clean tap water supply and the entire venue is equipped with sufficient restrooms for men and women.

Established hotels and wedding banquets are typically known to readily maintain such standards, so opt for such venues instead of grounded halls and pendol -type areas.

Collaborate with a Wedding Planning Team:

Planning a wedding after this lockdown period will create its unique challenges and tackling them will be harder than tackling the regular wedding problems. Which is why it would be more prudent of you to discuss your plans with one of the wedding event management companies in Pune who specialise in tackling such novel wedding problems. And if you’re already seeking the best wedding planners in Pune to help you out of this turmoil, Yours Truly Wedding Planners can give you precisely what you need right now. Being one of the most adept destination wedding planners in Pune, they can even help you with creative ideas to amp up your wedding event and make it more cherishable and memorable for all. Visit the Yours Truly website to reach out to them today!


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