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5 Unique Ideas to Plan Your Child’s First Birthday Party

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So, your child’s first birthday is approaching and you want to arrange a perfect birthday party for your little one but could not pull out a creative and engaging theme? Our Birthday party organizers in Pune have got you covered.
Coming up with 1st birthday party ideas could be really daunting as there are no relevant past experiences to follow. Moreover, there is a huge possibility your toddler might not enjoy the party as you expected as the ideas might be new for him/her. Do not worry. We are here with 5 of the best birthday party themes your child will surely love it

1) Camp-Inspired Birthday PartyCamp-Inspired Birthday Party
Set up a camp-inspired party for your kid. This always remains a good idea to start if you are not sure what your child might like the most. Set up a teepee tent full of toys followed by rounds of delicious snacks and mouth-watering sweets to make the entire day all about fun.

2) One Year in a Flash

Displaying your toddler’s cutest and funny pictures on the occasion of their birthday is the best way to host a birthday party. Trust me when they are all grown up and look through their 1st birthday pictures, loads of laughter and giggles will be shared. Hire a professional photographer to click each and every moment of your kid. To add fun for the guests, make a photo booth where other kids can get themselves photographed with their parents.

3) Safari animal theme based party


) Safari animal theme based party
This party theme is gaining popularity among a huge number of parents. If your kids love spending time with their animal toys then a safari animal theme based party is the best way to get ahead. Make sure you engrave the right balance of baby-friendly and sophisticated with the arrangements. Take it from the experts, animal parade party can be fun and cool only if you know the right elements to add on.

4) Colorful Up-inspired birthday party

The Up-inspired birthday party theme will smite your guests and little ones. Get a professional birthday planner and they will help you add the most-amazing DIY details in cakes, balloons, and décor to make it as customized and personal as possible. After all, “Up” is all about adventure and love.

5) Garden Party Starring cartoon characters

Garden Party Starring cartoon characters
If you are those of the parents who love keeping things simple and sophisticated, go straight for a garden party arranged in your backyard. For fun, introduce some cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Peter the rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and so on. Your kid will truly enjoy his/her first birthday among them and will remain in front of your eyesight all the time.

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