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Decorators Reveal: Decor Tips That Can Help You Cut Costs!

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Wedding decor is one of the most important aspects of wedding planning and takes up a large chunk of your budget with various accessories and furnishings. While you want nothing short of a grand celebration with decor that reflects your personality and style, you can always opt for affordable alternatives that give a lavish and ritzy look to your wedding. Recognized as the most creative wedding decorators in Pune, we at Wedding Planners reveal to you the best and the most economical wedding decor ideas to choose from: wedding decoration

1. Light it up: Create a magical setting with string lights or fairy lights all across the venue. These are a cheap alternative to the expensive bulbs or LED lights. It can be used in outdoor settings as well where you can hang them from tents or tree branches making the ambiance intimate and elegant. Other options include luminaries, torches, candles or lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere that will wow your guests.

2. Shop Locally: It is advisable to go to local antique wholesale shops to buy wedding decorations of your choice rather than expensive showrooms. Not only will it give it a vintage or rustic look, but it will be significantly lighter in your pocket. The wholesale shops might also give you a good price if you buy items in bulk, rather than buying them online or from home decor boutiques.

3. Use your venue’s decor: The banquet halls or resorts already have a variety of decor items including lights, drapes, linen, artificial flowers, tablescape decor that can be used if it matches your style. You can always add a bit of your own flair with extra decor pieces but you can save a lot on the overall theme.

4. Choose a beautiful location: Whether it is a beach wedding or a garden wedding, you can save up by choosing an aesthetically pleasing location. A garden wedding will be naturally beautiful with spring flowers or autumn leaves, or a beach wedding with beautiful sunsets and waves in the background.

5. Wedding family tree: An instant attraction to the crowd will be the family tree displaying photos of your parents and grandparents wedding days and some of your favorite childhood memories. You can also add your big moments like your first date or your engagement photos to create a beautiful storyboard. wedding decoration

6. DIY it: Be it paper flowers, mason jars lighting, or vintage tea tins, you can use recycled items to add oomph to your decor. Buying new decor pieces will unnecessarily add to your budget, instead use old items like rustic chairs for bride and groom, or vintage pieces like silverware, vases as centerpieces or ribbon tied backdrop for the altar.

At Wedding Planners, we work with you to create a personalized experience that is close to your heart. Our creative team is equipped with latest industry trends and visionary ideas to help you bring to life the most important day of your life. The Wedding Planner’s team is comprised of creative and dedicated professionals who are here for one and one reason only – because they love it. Wedding decor is our forte where we choose the decor based on the venue as well as the aesthetic choices of the bride and the groom.

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