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Destination Wedding Planning (Complete Guide)

Plan your Destiation Wedding - Wedding Planner

A destination wedding has become the most loved concept across the globe. People are spending way beyond our expectations to celebrate their wedding in the most magical way. As cool as this concept sounds it is equally terrifying! Why? Because there goes a long list of deeds that needs to be done perfectly. 

Pune has turned out to be the most chosen destination for weddings for its surroundings and amazing gateways. If you are also planning to plan your wedding anywhere near, we say you made the right choice. You will find a lot of destination wedding planners in Pune, but with Wedding Planner, you receive a partner who takes your vision and transform it into reality. 

Being the best wedding planners in Pune, we are here to offer you some tips that you can consider while planning a destination wedding. Check them out!

  1. Look for a meaningful location

Think, why do you wish to go with a destination wedding? What is it that you want specifically in it? Is it a beach, or a mountain, or a lake that you want around? This will give you a clear vision.

  1. Hire a professional

As we already said, there are tons of destination wedding planners in Pune but ‘Wedding Planner’ is the most professional of them all. Hiring us will ensure you a well-planned and well-arranged wedding with no hassle. So choose us, to receive the best.

  1. Decide your budget for every department

Defining a specific budget will give you an idea of how much should be spent on every department considering the venue, decor, catering, etc. This will also help you to find out if you are overspending on unnecessary things.

  1. Consider guest list

This is the most important destination wedding tip. As destination wedding involves a lot of traveling you need to trim down your list of guests. We suggest you consider only your close friends and relatives and make it an intimate affair. Trust us this will be the best thing for your big day.

  1. Decide your theme

Planning a theme will give a unique approach to your wedding. Theme wedding has become another attraction as it not only makes everything different but will give your wedding a flawless and alluring look.


Wedding Planner is recognized as the best wedding event planning company in Pune for its top-notch service and cost-effective offers. If you wish to make your wedding a memorable one, choose us! To know more you can give us a call and we will be glad to assist you with any of your queries.

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