How To Overcome The Wedding Challenges During Lockdown?

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April 17, 2020
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June 19, 2020
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How To Overcome The Wedding Challenges During Lockdown?

After so many trials and tribulations, your family finally agreed to give their blessings to your marriage. And then the pandemic hit the world, forcing thousands of couples to postpone their wedding till the end of 2020 or next year. Do not worry. You can use this time to plan your dream wedding without missing any minute details. Our wedding planners in Pune are here to help you take the stress out of the wedding planning and add more hassle-free ideas for a smooth celebration.

Let’s begin with all the call-to-actions you can take during this time!

Grab the offers: Millions of vendors had to postpone their bookings due to COVID-19. To get back in the game, they will be ready for negotiation and bargain, which means it’s the best time to grab the offers and make bookings with your vendors. For instance, to book your wedding photographer, you can organize a Skype call and go through their portfolios. Your vendors will give you more time since everyone is staying at home!

Start planning your wedding: Don’t wait for everything to get normal. You cannot wait for the eleventh hour to get your wedding preparations done. Get up, motivate yourself, and use this time to plan the guest list, jewellery customization, and favors for the guests, and designer dresses. Grooms can use this time to groom their beard, try new hairstyles, and browse through the various groom essentials to look the best at their wedding.

Grab the downtime deals:  The Wedding Bazar will shower their customers with exciting deals and downtime offers, once the lockdown ends. The sooner you book your dress, catering service, music shows, and other vendors, the bigger amount you can save for your honeymoon packages. Think about the bigger picture and start planning right away. Our wedding event company in Pune is always available for their clients, even during this pandemic situation. You can call us or arrange a Skype meeting, and we shall address your concerns professionally.

Select the right venue: As soon as the situation gets in control, couples will aim to get married as quickly as possible. You may have a tough time selecting the venue suitable for your guest list. Wait no more! Go through different websites, contact the venue manager, ask for more pictures and videos to get the real image of the entire setup, and when you’re satisfied with it, book as soon as possible. Our wedding planners can also help you find the right venue as per your preferences and official notice by the government.

Keep the guest list minimum: In the coming months and years, we will have to keep maintaining social distance in a public place and avoid overcrowding at events. Since the medical industry and scientists haven’t come up with a cure for COVID-19, it’s wise to keep your guest list small with only close family and a few special guests. Not to keep your other friends and relatives feeling left out, we can arrange a virtual wedding where all your loved ones can watch your wedding and send their blessings via online setup.

Try to shortlist the dates for yearend or beginning of next year:  This way, the situation will get more in control, and there can be relaxation on some other rules. Our experts suggest couples choose a wedding date at the end of this year or the beginning of 2021.

Go in for set established venues rather than the outdoor: Outdoor weddings can be risky at this time. Therefore, choose a site with an indoor setup for a safe, protected, and healthy environment. A set established venue will save you the time for mandap preparation and customization. Also, an enclosed setup will be well-sanitized and clean, which is the need of this hour.

Choose a venue with lesser human resources for the backend: The fewer workforces you hire for the backend preparation, the safer you feel throughout the wedding. YoursTruly team will ensure all our staff personnel and planners are in good health, follow the COVID-19 guidelines, and keep themselves well-sanitized and clean to ensure your guests enjoy the wedding without getting worried about virus infection or contamination.

Go in with simple and elegant decoration themes: Due to the weak supply-demand chain, you may want to keep things minimal. But do not worry. You can still have a dream wedding with the most-elegant décor themes. Our wedding planners will let you know the availability of things you will list down, such as flowers, special lighting, cabs/taxi services, furniture, chariot, or doli, or any customized ideas you have in your mind. We ensure our clients are ever disappointed with the arrangements and leave no stone unturned to fulfill their dream of a perfect wedding.

Plan the venue with more Satvik food or live stations:  Fresh and warm food at your wedding will create an impression on your guests, as they will feel a sense of care while enjoying the wedding. Satvik food will bring more food items on the table that are freshly prepared, with no added-preservatives, and help you keep your guests in good health. A live station is also a bold idea where your guests receive warm, freshly-cooked, and healthy food & drinks to enjoy.

Go in with E-cards: At this time where online delivery options are running out of their delivery partners, you may have a hard time sending wedding cards and gifts to your guests. Therefore, E-cards will soon be trending at every wedding. Customize your wedding card with caricature or animated designs so that your guests can match with your wedding vibes.

Go live with zoom weddings, so that no one feels left out: No one should be left out, especially your loved ones who promised to remain by your side at your wedding. Unfortunately, many guests may not turn up at the wedding due to workload, business re-establishing plans, or shortage of company holidays. So, why not go live with zoom weddings?

A couple on the Internet used this lockdown to lift each other’s spirit – The soon-to-bride proposed her to-be groom via zoom with the help of her friends. The day was supposed to mark their wedding, but the lockdown had some other plans. Lift your spirit and brainstorm for such cute and loving gestures for your guests, and they will bless you from the core of their heart.

Keep the wedding simple (half a day) rather than adding the days: Since many couples will be marrying as soon as this pandemic gets over, you may not get the liberty to celebrate all the Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and bachelor parties. Venues will have a hard schedule for the wedding due to high-demand. We can help all the couples out there, to take their vows without any delay further, by keeping your wedding simple and a half-day affair.

For more ideas on lockdown weddings and arrangements, give us a call, and together we can plan your dream wedding with no further delay.


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