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April 8, 2022
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Old Heritage Structures – A new address for Destination Weddings?

Old Heritage Structures - A new address for Destination Weddings?

If lawns and hotels are becoming too common places for weddings, so what should be the next trend?? Can we get to the temples or the old heritage structures??
Both the trends can be a very good option provided we get a little more disciple in the events. We do agree that Indian weddings are a little messy and loud but this issue can be tackled.

Does this trend risk tarnishing these places of great cultural value?
“No,” says the architect and heritage conservation specialist. According to them, it could even be a way to open a new section of the public into the cultural fold.

Opening up these spaces for private events can be beneficial at a cultural level. These events often serve to attract a different kind of public unfamiliar with heritage sites – allowing them to discover the place, which may encourage them to return to explore the site more deeply.
Today, when the site is rented, a piece of this history is being perpetuated.

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