Wedding preparations need teamwork and a professional guidance. After all, it’s the day you have been planned since you were a kid. But, all those venue options, wedding dresses, catering service, and most importantly, choosing the best wedding planners in Pune could be really daunting. But do not worry. We got your back.

Wedding Planners have always valued transparency in communicating with our clients because we believe this auspicious day should be all about the bride and her groom’s desires to be fulfilled. So, all those soon-to-be brides and grooms, we brought you some checklists on how to recruit a perfect vendor for your dream wedding and not to stuck hassling on the houseful bookings.

1) Wedding Planner

First thing first, book your wedding planner in advance, probably 9-12 months prior. All the wedding arrangements and decisions rely on how resourced your wedding planner is. We, at wedding planners, love to workout with our clients and open them to world-class vendors. We can be your one-stop destination to fulfill your dream wedding event

 2) Wedding Venue

Venue booking solves hundreds of confusions at once. Take a tour of the different venues your wedding planner Pune has to offer you. Predetermine the number of guests and the type of decoration you would be welcoming to your wedding. This filters down the size of the venue unless you desire on spending your money on a hall that remains half empty on a special day.

3) Photographer and Videographer

It is very important to recruit the photographer with one event in a day service. This way, you can have all the creativity of your photographer/videographer focused on your event. Once you find your compatible photographer mate, make it official to avoid last minute booking hassles.

4) Wedding Dress

Once the venue and wedding date is fixed, we suggest you go shopping! Most of the boutiques and outlets prefer booking the wedding dresses for at least 6-9 months prior. From your wedding outfits to your reception gowns, the couture should be perfect and perfection demands time.

5) Makeup and Hair Artist

Trust me, the hair stylists are the busiest people and are hard to find available unless you notify them of the prior few months. The earlier you make your hair stylist official the more time they get on planning a unique hair/makeup style for your special day.

Wedding preparations cannot produce a satisfactory result with lack of planning. Ask our expert and well-versed professionals and we will offer you a step-by-step guide on how to make your special day the most memorable one of all.


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