Reminder For a Safe And Secured Wedding

August 6, 2021
Wedding Toasts & Wedding Cakes!
Wedding Toasts & Wedding Cakes!
October 29, 2021
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Reminder For a Safe And Secured Wedding

Ensure social distancing is maintained

Complying with the social distancing norms is another important key to having a safe wedding. While abiding by the guest limit set by the government is a given, you can also have a special seating chart or divide your guest attendance into different time slots to have a socially distanced wedding. If required pay a little extra and opt for a bigger venue to ensure everyone’s safety. Follow the government norms and have a tension-free event.

Swear by virtual shopping methods

Don’t want to take the risk of roaming around in the bustling lanes of a local market? Now you can shop all your needs online without compromising on quality and budget outfits are sorted by occasion, designer, budget, and style. Chat directly with the designer’s team to plan and order your bridal outfits safely and securely without having to step out.

Hire vaccinated & hygiene-certified vendors

Vaccination is the need of the hour. And while you must have gotten your immediate circle fully/partially vaccinated, it’s also imperative to know whether the wedding vendors you’re hiring are vaccinated or not. This is why in order to help you make your decision easier, we’ve introduced the vaccinated filter  App which can be used to sieve the entire lot and make a safe pick.

Have a downsized guest list

The first and foremost step to having a safe wedding is cutting down on your guest list and inviting only your close family & friends (preferably fully vaccinated ones). Obviously, you can conference others in, but keep it to limited no. of attendees to witness it all live. This way you not only minimize the risk of getting infected for yourself & your guests but also get to spend quality time with your favorite few. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

If you are more concerned about the senior citizens have a close-knit wedding and post-wedding, plan a grand party with all the remaining crowd. This will get you to a win-win situation.

Make arrangements for sanitizer/mask stations on the venue

Sanitiser & mask stations have become the new must-haves at weddings, whether big or small. They make for a thoughtful addition to your wedding setup and ensure everyone who is attending the wedding is consciously making efforts to ensure safety for one and all. Go with the new trend which replaces the old welcome hampers with the safety/sanitizer kits.

Avoid stepping out until unavoidable

After witnessing a grim situation during the first and second waves as well as multiple lockdowns, we’ve understood the fact that it’s only wise to step out only when it is unavoidable. From finding vaccinated vendors to exploring the latest wedding trends, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Zoom conferencing and contactless payment apps like Paytm & Gpay have further helped to ease up the wedding planning process in trying times.

So be a perfect host, make your event safe and guest secured.

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