Five Lovely Summer Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Next Summer Wedding

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January 18, 2018
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Five Lovely Summer Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Next Summer Wedding

Wedding planners in Pune

Imagine taking your lifelong vows in the backdrop of a setting sun on a beautiful beach, or having a chic boho wedding with summer dresses in a vintage setting! Who said summer weddings are supposed to be sweaty and pricky. It can be as dreamy and dazzling as you want!

Wedding Planners in Pune is back with a list of this year’s hottest (no pun intended) and brightest summer wedding themes:


1. Garden Wedding: We are not talking about a traditional Vatika location for your special day. But a cute little cottage/farmhouse wedding! With elegant pastel colors and a dreamy floral setting, your summer wedding couldn’t get more dreamy than this. Incorporate summer motifs like bright umbrellas, paper lanterns, a juice/ice cream corner or a pool party to highlight the atmosphere. You can also provide cute wedding favors like sunglasses and disposable cameras to your guests to enhance their experience.


2. Vintage Wedding: Your love for all things antique and rustic can be true with a vintage wedding theme. Having your wedding vows written on an ancient scroll will show the world your eternal and beautiful love story. Decorate your venue with rustic decor pieces like vintage lanterns, antique gold vessels, or rustic wooden door adorned with flowers and old photos. Place an old typewriter for your guests to write well wishes and heartfelt messages for your future.


3. Beach Wedding: The name itself sounds exciting and full of adventures. Expressing your wedding vows on the seashore, resounding with the echo of waves, makes it the most romantic destination for your wedding. Performing sacred rituals under the starlit sky with fire lanterns or having a day ceremony with a pop of colors, beach wedding gives you endless ways to prepare for your big day. To make it more fun, you can have a make-your-own cocktail bar or have a creative photo booth installed for a fun photo session with your partner, family, and friends.


4. Boho Wedding: If you are a free spirit who lives life unconventionally and believes in spreading good vibes, then getting married in a more non-formal way is your calling. Having a chic boho setting with Persian rugs, eclectic trinkets, fairy lights or dreamcatchers will make your wedding no less than a whimsical affair!


A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and everything needs to be perfect. That is why we at Wedding Planners make sure your D-day goes without any glitch. From catering to decor and photography, we have got you covered with the whole package. As you put faith in us for your biggest day we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your wedding is exactly how you imagined it to be!

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