Old Heritage Structures - A new address for Destination Weddings?
Old Heritage Structures – A new address for Destination Weddings?
April 27, 2022
how to select wedding venue
How to Select A Wedding Venue
August 1, 2022
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Wedding Planner

With the year long delay , Adam n eve in US opted to wait few more months for the SPECIAL day to get married in India. Romeo and Juliet in Germany got registered and opted to start a new beginning and others in Australia got into live-in relationship. But whatever was the choice, getting married again in band baja barat style in Homeland was in everyone’s bucket list.

Families back in town got geared up, shopping and planning got on priority list. Extra pound was gained with various food trails . Free rounds of trials were opted for the cheeks and lips . Photographer was interviewed and to give the best smile a young handsome team of camera man was shortlisted. Sarees from Banaras and Kanchipuram got inside the wardrobe waiting for the Big day to jump out.

Globally the announcement reached all guest in various corner of the world and seats were booked on the best severed cuisine airline. To enjoy the first wedding after pandemic guest did packed the bags with theme clothes and landed in the town.

The resort was booked, sweets and treats jumped into the gift wrapped baskets. All the family including the bride and guest has reached the town and suddenly the news flashes that the groom is unable to fly out and join the wedding function.

Now what ??????

As a wedding planner we suggest” the show must go on”. Continue the day with the planned activity keeping in mind that there is no refund from any of the vendors. If the bride or groom one of them are around do introduce them in eevent as the new family member . Convert your wedding ritual into a small pooja like satyanarayan or shanti path and kick-off with the celebrations in little different way. At this stage cancelling the entire event will be very disappointing for you as well as your guest. Something is always better than nothing. Recover the venue, food, camera , make up etc. cost during the planned event.

Decoration , barat may be the areas where recovery will be little less. But never mind, you are enchasing 80 % of your investment.

This options get you and your guest into a win win situation rather than cancelling the entire event. Redoing the entire exercise is will not be the same fun and the guest who had planned the trip may not join you again. After all Indian weddings are more incline towards fancy food and gup shup. So go ahead and run the show.

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