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January 29, 2020
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Things No One Will Tell You About Planning A Destination Wedding?

Things No One Will Tell You About Planning A Destination Wedding?

If you are planning a destination wedding outside the country, start planning at least six months before the D-day. In our decades of career experience as one of the top wedding event management companies in Pune, we have seen many last-minute blunders at the wedding just because the bride and groom seek professional help at the last minute.

So, we have enlisted some tips and do’s and don’ts of destination wedding that probably no one will tell you.

The Do’s

Stick to a budget: It’s effortless to overspend at your wedding because, of course, it happens once in a lifetime and shouldn’t be compromised. But, when you are on foreign land, money is the only thing that will keep the party going as planned.

How will it help? Many times when couples arrive at the destination, they realize the market price surged and exceeded the expected budget. The orchids are sold at a higher price, there is a shortage of liquor, and finding a good hairstylist will cost you hiring a local taxi to visit them. Therefore, save money and avoid overspending on everything.

Arrive a few days before the wedding: The sole purpose of organizing a destination wedding is to spend a vacation with your loved ones and take your vows without any drama. Arriving a few days early will give you some leisure time with your guests. The family will spend time and know each other. Also, you get a lot of time looking after the arrangements going smoothly.

How will it help? You get time to explore the place, find a good hairstylist in advance, take a hair/make-up trial before the wedding, ensure all the arrangements are made as per plan, and also modify a few changes if you want.

Have a backup plan: Nothing should go wrong on your wedding day. From flower arrangements to the arrival of your priest, everything should be planned, confirmed, and followed-up a day before the wedding.

How will it help? In case you planned an outdoor wedding, and suddenly it started raining, a backup plan will keep the ceremony uninterrupted and shifted to an indoor venue. Stay in touch with all your vendors to ensure they show up at the event and offer services promptly.

Negotiate: No matter how cringes it may sound, there is always room for negotiation. Maybe you can get an upgrade on rooms, flexibility in the hours, or some freebies. You never know until you ask them.

How will it help? Wedding planners are professionals and well-aware with the pricing structure of the local vendors. They arrange the flowers, decor essentials, furniture, and catering services at the best negotiated price. You can save a handsome amount by hiring our professional wedding planner in Pune.

The Don’ts

Avoid courier services: Many brides avoid taking the stress of taking their wedding dress on the flight. Instead, they choose courier services, which can turn into a disaster. How? Shipping services go through various custom checking. You are risking your wedding dress not to reach on time, or damaged, or worst exchanged with other items. Allow your wedding planners to take care of such challenging tasks beforehand.

Do not assume: Many people assume the event manager will look into things and witness a face-palm moment. You need to be 100% clear with the services you are expecting. Get the terms written on a paper clearly to avoid last-minute chaos. Any service, which isn’t listed in the papers, will conveniently be forgotten by the venue manager.

Do not stress on RSVPs: The biggest fear of any bride and groom is whether or not their guests will arrive at their destination wedding. Whether their friends booked the tickets or not? What if that one best friend ditches their wedding at the last minute? Do not worry. As a professional wedding planner, Yours Truly has witnessed thousands of wedding and trust us when we say, “It won’t matter when you walk down the aisle”. You will be so much busy having fun and making memories for life that you will even forget about the guests present at the venue.

With Yours Truly Wedding Planners, you have got your back. We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet all the needs of our clients and arrange things higher than they expected. We work professionally to keep your big day going smoothly and as dreamt. To learn more about our services and packages, visit our website to get in touch with our professional wedding planners in Pune.

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