Unique Ideas for Hosting a Winter Wedding

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December 15, 2020
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January 22, 2021
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Unique Ideas for Hosting a Winter Wedding

Winter is an amazing season, which makes winter weddings different. Many ideas can get incorporated in winter weddings, which is not the case in summers. You can make use of the chills and add the warmth of magical moments to your romantic day.  You can enjoy hot savories in chilled weather and a blooming atmosphere.

The wedding planners in Pune can help you host your perfect wedding, but if you plan to host a winter wedding by yourself, we are here to help you with some valuable ideas that you can use to make your wedding day bigger and better.

    1. Selection of Venue – When it comes to venue selection, you must choose a bright, cozy place that may help your guest feel comfortable and enjoyable with the place’s warmth. Of course, in winters, the atmosphere is chilled; if you plan to host in an open space, make sure to make enough arrangements to make the place warm.

    2. Outfit- Be prudent in choosing garment material. Go for velvet, brocade, crepe to make your designer outfits comfortable and warm. You can use dark colours such as maroons, magenta, green that will suit the wedding in the best possible way and will make you warm and cozy in the event.

    3. Light it up– You can choose to use a lot of lights to make the place more beautiful and elegant. Lights add up a fairy tale dazzle to the place and make it cozier and brighter.

    4. Floral decor- Flowers are always used at weddings to give an auspicious touch, but winter blooms of flowers give you a vivid option to use them for decoration and create a beautiful, traditional, and fragrant ambiance.

    5. Serve different hot beverages- You can choose to serve something different from the very traditional soups, tea, and coffees. Try serving hot chocolate as a beverage; people will love to have it in winters, and this small step will distinguish your event from others.

At Yours Truly, we try our best to add perfection to your event. Our team works enthusiastically to deliver the projects in time with optimum utilization of the budget.  For more innovative ideas, you can be in touch with our Destination Wedding Planners in Pune. For more information, check our website or contact us at the given number.

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