Dance and music are as vital to an Indian wedding celebration as the ceremony itself. There are myriad options when it comes to music – DJs, folk singers, pop singers, traditional vocalists, jazz bands, etc. You may even consider jaltarang , saxophone, or live piano to match the mood of the occasion. Since music is, to a large extent responsible for the mood and energy of an event, we insist on the finest performances delivered via high quality equipment. Apart from the quality of the performance, the quality of the equipment also has a huge impact on the event. So, we prefer to recommend artistes who are good performers and who work with equally good sound technicians.

To add sizzle and sparkle to your celebration, you can take your pick from a wide range of entertainment choices. From Russian belly dancers to Balinese orchestra, from African Congo drummers to a traditional dhak/dhol welcome, we can make it all happen for your big day. Folk dancers can really add to the charm of a culturally themed wedding. Entertainers based on the wedding theme can be hired to entertain the guests, e.g., fire jugglers, caricature artists, astrologer/psychic, etc. A special section can be set up for children’s entertainment with toys, rides, and their own entertainers such as clowns, cartoon characters, magicians, and so on. To bind the event together, we have MoCs and anchors who know how to impress and engage the crowd and create an atmosphere of fun and festivity. Celebrity performers or MoCs are also an option if Tinsel town is what inspires you.

If you want to take to the dance floor, a special dance routine can be choreographed for the bride and groom. Choreographers are also available to help with any performances that the family and friends of the couple might want to put up for any of the events.