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The Chair
September 23, 2022
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October 14, 2022
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What did I eat ??


The day just stated with the lavish spread of breakfast, the fresh fruits and their juices were first to land up in stomach as sign of healthy eating. The hot poories were peeping out from the kadai and tawa partha was getting floated in butter waiting to jump on the plate. The hot croissant and muffins were rolling out from Oven. So, everyone was kept happy and they all were at peace inside the stomach.

To match up with 90 minutes floating starter time, the first chaffing dish rolled out . As it was the first day first show we had colorful welcome drinks with floating dry fruits and hot sizzling cocktails snacks. We did look after each other very well. They too slide down in my stomach. As everything was settling down it was the time for traditional Indian sit-down silver service lunch. The food glands were extra pampered with panch pakwans and other delicacies. We were good desi and kept licking all our fingers to enjoy the Khanna. Once again my stomach was very kind to accommodate every one.

As I was still chewing the meghai paan, it was the time for Myra, we change the outfits and adjusted the paticoat/ salwar naddas to get additional FSI for my stomach.

By now we all turned English and look forward for the hi- tea. The sandwiches and cakes with cappuccino were a treat and we had a golden handshake as it was very well made.

With sundown all the tandoors were lit and the chicken and kebabs were on grill which pulled me out of my room without any struggle to pull up my waist belt. A glass of scotch with hot kababs and tandoorie chicken was mashallah . Few vodka shorts past mid night was mandatory to keep my insta page followers happy. Went back crawling to my room thinking about the main wedding day which was yet to come. After a daylong activity my stomach crashed down on the bed and was fast to sleep.

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