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Why Choose A Destination Wedding Over Traditional Wedding?

There are lots of people who love to complain about the concept of a destination wedding – It’s expensive, it’s too far to travel, it will affect their work schedules and whatnot. To all those who are still unsure about whether or not to hire the best destination wedding planners in Pune, we are here to unveil the reasons why you need to plan a destination wedding.

What are the benefits of a destination wedding?

Stress-Free Planning

The entire arrangements are done by your wedding planner and the wedding event company. From arranging the flight tickets to booking the most exotic wedding venue of your choice by cracking the best deal, you need not worry about anything and enjoy every moment of your wedding ceremony with your loved ones. Our wedding coordinators will take care of everything as soon as you step off the plane.

No Unwanted Guests

It might sound harsh, but many guests might not attend your wedding with a good heart, but you still need to invite them. Also, every set of the family will come up with their version of a perfect wedding, and that might mess things up. The wedding should be an intimate affair between you, your partner, and your parents, of course. Ditching the traditional wedding and flying to a destination amidst nature will save you the unnecessary drama of unwanted guests and you can make the most beautiful memories, enjoying every second of it.

They Are Not Expensive!

Many of our clients, when visited our wedding event company for the first time, had this concern of what if they go out of budget if they sign up for a destination wedding. Destination weddings often happen in a small circle of family, friends and loved ones. Considering the amount of money you had to spend on approx. 150 guests on a traditional wedding, a destination wedding can save you unnecessary expenditure and offer additional perks.

For instance, a Thailand wedding is excellent and can turn into your honeymoon spot as well. Many wedding planners will help you plan a wedding followed by a reception and week-long honeymoon arrangements. Thus, a destination wedding is not expensive; it saves you from spending on not-so-important things.

You Get A Lot Of Time To Enjoy

A traditional wedding consumes a lot of time meeting and greeting the guests you have never met or might never meet again. Destination weddings are more like a vacation where both you and your partner get an ample amount of space, and your families get time to know each other. There will be paperwork to be done so experts advise the couples to arrive 2-3 days before their wedding so that the paperwork gets done on time and they can have fun with their family and friends.

Visit Yours Truly wedding planners to know more about our exciting offers and professional services. We ensure our clients experience the best moments of their life at the wedding to cherish for a lifetime.

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