Indian weddings are not only unique but also incredibly special. A memorable three-day spectacular gala affair filled with loads of fun, lavish decor, tasty mouth-watering food and meeting of loads of relatives and friends. In all these fun and enjoyment, one cannot avoid the ever-increasing wedding budget
In fact, as per a recent survey, the cost of Indian weddings has almost doubled in the past few years. Though you and your partner might desire for a grand wedding, the thought of over spending might force you to opt for a simple wedding. But we atBudget Wedding planners in Pune feel that a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, hence you should not hesitate in Spending and try to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Moreover, we at”Best Wedding Planners in Pune are of the opinion that it is perfectly possible to plan a perfect wedding and that too on a budget.

Wedding Planners and Watchers argue that many factors listed below contribute to the increasing costs of the wedding:

  • Choice of Destination wedding by couples
  • Couture Bridal wear
  • New fad of Pre-wedding photo shoots
  • Extension of tradition hen and stag parties to weeklong parties or even overseas destinations.
  • Couples preference for massive function venues in resorts, hotels, vineyards and in some cases even castles

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The main goal behind opting for the above is primarily to create a wow and magical factor for not only the couple but also for friends and relations. We all agree that it is very difficult to keep the Budget under control and many couples even end up taking loans or financial support from their parents or end up spending all their savings. But the reality is that you should never start your life together on a financial mess.

Moreover, Indian weddings come with their own challenges, Say for instance families might want to focus on the religious aspects and in such situations, it would become difficult to convince the parents. But we all know that Indian weddings are a fun affair where two families come together and the same should not be forgotten in our focus to reduce the costs. The best way is to strike a compromise and we at wedding planners are here to help you do the same.

  • Try to host your Pre-wedding ceremonies and religious Pooja and parties at home by inviting only your closest friends and relatives.
  • Try to purchase all the wedding paraphernalia and other wedding items as per your taste and style. This will help in reducing the costs to a great extent.
  • Don’t go overboard with flowers. If possible, negotiate with the Venue authorities to include in the cost of the hall. If not then, locate a florist who can help you out with a decent floral arrangement at a reasonable cost.
  • Choose a weekday to get married as some Venues end up charging extra for a weekend wedding. Even the choice of the season makes a big difference as summer is the peak wedding season.
  • Try to save on caterers by booking a good caterer well in advance. Indian wedding is all about food. Hence the food has to be elaborate but you can definitely save on the alcohol cost by limiting the service of the same.
  • Try to opt for nondesigner wear as they too are equally good and come quite cheap
  • Try to create a wedding website instead of sending invitations. This not only helps save costs but you can also include all the details such as maps, directions, transport including accommodation on the website.

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Apart from the above, you can even save on video and Photography by opting for a local photographer or even a friend who can cover the events for you. Ultimately weddings are all about fun, enjoyment and coming together of two families and our budget should not become a reason for spoiling the same.

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